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Looking for business contacts – agents, buyers, sellers, distributors or joint venture partners? You have come to the right place! This site is owned and operated by Business and Marketing Management Consultants – Ahmad-Kamal Makrani and his Associates. Makrani is in International Business for over 40 years. The main business of Makrani and his Associates is to assist companies in their Product and Market Development activities.

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Our Team Members are available to assist companies enter and expand in the Global Marketplace – Promote and Sell Products and Services Globally. Ahmadkamal Makrani and his Associates can also help you find the products and services of your interest at most competitive prices. Just tell us what you need!

I am Ahmad-Kamal Makrani - International Business is my only Business - Since 1968 I am working as a Business Facilitator and Marketing Consultant. I always welcome serious business proposals from genuine business people. I am also keen to network across the world so if you have any service or product to offer please inform me.

TEXTILE International Marketing
Textile Commercial Center or Textile International Marketing is a nice place to post and share your articles and favorite web links. Textile Commercial Center or Textile International Marketing is registered in most of the leading search engines and directories. Therefore, all your news articles and comment will become instantly visible to thousands of merchants, traders, brokers, marketers who share your interest. Your posts will automatically be cross-posted to Twitter, Facebook and many other Social Bookmarking and Business Networking Sites!

Top Products from ClickBank
Top Products from ClickBank

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More About Ahmadkamal Makrani and Associates
In order to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and overall profitability, we have established several mutually beneficial business partnerships and plan to continue with this strategy.

How To Globalize?
There are several ways your business can benefit from exporting goods and services to foreign countries. When you first enter into a foreign market, special efforts are required. In the early stages, export activity may seem difficult, but once you get accustomed to the procedures, you will find that it can be much the same as selling your products at home!

Used Clothing
We have the possibilities to sell Used Clothing in Pakistan and Afghanistan markets. The contents of used clothes should be:

Take Full Advantage of Your Membership!
If you are also willing to reach on the top in your business field then write about you and about your needs. You must introduce yourself in impressive manner. Do not fear – Don’t be shy – write every important point about you in your profile.

Sales and Marketing Assistance

TAAJIR International – Taajir means Trader
Founded by Ahmadkamal Makrani who is in International Business since 1968 – TAAJIR International is dealing in Agricultural Commodities, Foodstuff, Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Plastic Raw Materials. TAAJIR International is looking for producers and suppliers to represent them in Pakistan and Afghanistan markets. If interested, please contact them via their Private Communication Center –

Free Marketing Services
If your articles or announcements are unique, interesting and free from all types of objectionable and offensive wordings then we will approve and publish it on our web sites for Free. We will give you one page for your unique marketing material with maximum two pictures and maximum two links back to your web sites!

Find Buyers
We are working for the companies and not for the products alone. We are never looking for products alone – We work for serious and dependable companies. The products in which our principals and clients deal are:

Business Assistance
Are you looking for a dependable partner who is willing, able and ready to work as your business ambassador or regional liaison! We are led to believe that our qualifications, experience and background will be of immense help to you in finding what you are looking for!

To help you succeed in your business we are using the Internet and E-Marketing Tools. Your one single page hosted on our web site, featuring your products and services, will definitely produce the results you desire. In fact we will try our utmost to surpass your expectations! If interested, send us the contents of the web page you want to publish on our site.

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